What is Unmarx

 Did you know Unmarx was designed with a unique chemical-free mesh that will not collect any of your annoying marks. The marks just brush right off! And best of all, Unmarx is reusable and you don’t need water to use it.

In case you would like to wash your Unmarx, for best results-  cold water, gentle cycle and air dry. Laundering may sometimes cause slight shrinkage.

Just place your hand under the elastic band,

Swipe & Done!


Unmarx Is Great For All Kinds Of Clothing Marks!

Deodorant Marks

Pet Hair



Hair Clippings

Grass Clippings

Baby/Body Powder

Nail File Residue

Makeup Powder

Beach Sand

Foods Crumbs

Car Salt Residue

Dried/Crusted Food

Linen Napkin Lint

Dried Toothpaste


Dried Dirt

Loose Threads When Cutting And Sewing

Sticker Residue From Price Tags on Clothes

Dried Milk/Spit Up

Mystery Marks & More!

*Unmarx does not remove clothing stains.


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